After Liturgy released their great new album H.A.Q.Q. in 2019, they were supposed to tour with harp/violin duo and fellow NYC band LEYA this year. That tour was obviously cancelled, but right before the pandemic started, Liturgy and LEYA recorded a collaborative song, "Antigone," and that song is out today.

"Due to the continued acceleration of covid, the April tour with LEYA that we'd hoped to postpone to later in the year is now cancelled, please refer to point of purchase for refunds. The two bands had recorded a collab tour single, so we're going to put that up!" Liturgy wrote. "It's sort of a LEYA song inside a Liturgy song. We recorded it for our tour back right before the pandemic started, so much has changed since then.. hope you enjoy."

On Bandcamp, they also add this about the song's title and theme:

Antigone is a heroine of Greek tragedy who chose to give her outlaw brother an honorable burial, despite her city’s decree that to do so would sentence her to death. She anticipates the Christian existentialist concept of faith, whereby one commits to their singular love, despite what is practical or useful, and the result is - not any reward, either in heaven or on earth - but the dissolution of the current horizon of meaning, which is the very essence of justice.

It does indeed sound like "a LEYA song inside a Liturgy song," and it's pretty awesome stuff. Listen below.

Earlier this year, Liturgy's Hunter Hunt-Hendrix publicly came out as transgender.

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