Liturgy in 2009 (more by Fred Pessaro)

Black metal transcendentalists Liturgy are a full band again (beastly drummer Greg Fox included), and it's good news (and perhaps not a surprise) to hear they'll be playing Death by Audio before it closes. They're playing night 1 of their Thrill Jockey labelmates Oozing Wound's previously discussed two-night stand happening at the venue on Mischief Night (10/30) and Halloween (10/31). Also on that first night is Child Abuse and Cellular Chaos. $10 gets you in.

The 10/31 show is DbA's Halloween Haunted House Party and also features the re-active Knyfe Hyts, The Fucking Ocean, Red Dawn II and Alien Whale, plus in the "Haunted Mansion" there will be Aa, Justin Frye (of PC Worship) and Chat Logs. (Sounds spooky!) $10 gets you into this one too, and the show goes lateeee (til 3 AM).

Liturgy - "True Will"

at Death By Audio:

.Child Abuse (Record Release)
.Oozing Wound (IL)
.Cellular Chaos

$10 (Doors @ 8, First Band @ 830, goes til 3am)
.Knyfe Hyts (Reunion)
.Oozing Wound (IL)
.The Fucking Ocean (CA)
.Red Dawn II
.Alien Whale
In the Haunted Mansion:
.Aa (CA)
.Justin Frye (of PC Worship)
.Chat Logs

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