Living Room

The aforementioned Living Room 10th Anniversary celebration kicks off tonight (March the Living Room). Here's what's happening:

Elvis Costello Tribute Night featuring Jim Boggia, Leah Siegel, Jim Campilongo, Milton, Julia Darling, Brian Seymour, Genie Morrow, Rachel Loshak, Adam Levy, Jon Dryden, Teddy Goldstein, Joy Askew, Jim Allen, Ben Carroll, Tom Freund, Julia Greenberg and Ken Webb

Running through April 4th, the anniversary schedule also features one more tribute night on April 3rd...

Elliot Smith Tribute Night featuring Anne Heaton, Michelle Casillas, Kevin Johnston, Cat Martino, Julia Greenberg, Amanda Thorpe, Pal Shazar, Jules Shear, Anne Heaton, Greta Gertler, Sasha Dobson, Julia Darling, The Selfsame, Leah Siegel, Jimi Zhivago, Mamie Minch, Jesse Harris, Daru Oda, Lianne Smith, Leif Arntzen

The full schedule at the Living Room's site, though it appears that some bigger names have purposely been left off of it in the name of crowd control. Which nights do you recommend?