Back in 2017, before Pedro the Lion reunited, David Bazan released the debut album by his new band Lo Tom, which also features former Pedro the Lion member TW Walsh and Starflyer 59 members Jason Martin and Trey Many (the latter of whom also played in His Name Is Alive and has drummed for Pedro the Lion). They're now prepping a second album for September 4 via self-release, and they're crowdfunding it on Kickstarter and just released lead single "Start Payin'." More so than the first album, this new song embraces some of the heavy shoegaze guitars of classic Starflyer 59, and that ends up sounding pretty great with David Bazan's trademark songwriting style.

The band writes:

Hi, it's us.

We had fun making the first album, so we decided to do it again.

The record's all done and we like how it sounds... the song we're putting out with the campaign launch is a pretty good representation of the other tunes.

LP2 is going to be released independently, no label this time around. We love Barsuk and appreciate their work on LP1, but it made more sense to all parties for us to go this route on the second record. Since we're DIY for LP2, we'd love some help from you on the production and manufacturing costs.

Keeping the rewards pretty straightforward... hope you see something you like.

The first single is coincidentally named, and you can check it out here.

Thanks for listening!


Lo Tom

Listen to the new song:


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