As we posted earlier, a viral video circulated on social media this afternoon showing 100+ kids rushing a fence, jumping over it all at once to get into Lollapalooza. None of them appear to get stopped by security in the video, except one with with a prosthetic leg, leaving us to wonder if they actually all made it inside, or were later thrown out. Turns out, security caught up with them right after the events on the video. The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications tweeted a statement about the incident:

Just after 2 p.m. today, approximately 50 people attempted to breach an exterior perimeter fence at Michigan Ave. and Balbo Drive. Both CPD and festival security responded immediately to the situation and resolved it within moments. As a result, no one was able to gain entry to the festival.

We work closely with the organizers and event security to ensure the highest standards for perimeter security are in place at the festival. As part of our robust security plan, we have multiple layers of fences in place to prevent unauthorized entry into the festival.

The fences are secured and no one was injured.

We have adjusted our resources to reinforce the security along the outer perimeter, and CPD and event security have also added additional bike teams.

The Chicago OEMC also issued a warning: "Note to anyone who's thinking about trying it: offenders will be charged with criminal trespass."

The fence jumpers reportedly organized the stunt via Snapchat.

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