Loma, the etherial pop trio of Emily Cross, Jonathan Meiburg, and Dan Duszynski, have covered "Going Out," the 2014 track by Danish artist Dinner, as a new single. The original has a real oddball charm, but Loma turn it into something decidedly more lush and beautiful while retaining the quirky qualities.

“Songs are like cats—sometimes they just pick you," says Duszynski. "Emily and I first heard 'Going Out' while we were playing at a record store in Austin a few years ago. I went to the counter to ask who it was, and the album (Dinner’s Three EPs) is still in rotation at our home/studio. We couldn't resist making our own version because it always cheers us up.  Who doesn't need that right now?"

You can watch the video for "Going Out," which was directed and edited by Cross, below.

Loma released their terrific second album, Don't Shy Away, last October on Sub Pop, and if you haven't listened to that, check it out below.

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