Loma Prieta spent the summer touring with reunited screamo vets Jeromes Dream, who were supporting a new album, but Loma Prieta haven't had any new music themselves since 2015's great Self-Portrait. That finally changes today with "Continuum," the first song released from a new two-song single that Loma Prieta will release on January 10 via Deathwish.

Like a lot of Loma Prieta's stuff, it was recorded by Jack Shirley, but unlike a lot of Loma Prieta's stuff, "Continuum" finds the band going in a melodic, shoegazy direction. It gets heavier and screamier at the end, but this is much more in the vein of Hum or Nothing or Alcest than what you'd normally expect from Loma Prieta. And it turns out Loma Prieta are really good at this kind of thing too. We haven't heard B-side "Fate" yet, but the description on the band's Bandcamp compares it to both Pixies and Fugazi. Stay tuned for "Fate" and listen to "Continuum" below.

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