Shearwater frontman (and former Okkervil River member) Jonathan Meiburg has a new collaborative project with Texas duo Cross Record (Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski), who Shearwater have toured with more than once. The project is called Loma and their self-titled debut album comes out February 16 via Sub Pop (pre-order). The first single is called "Black Willow" and it's a nice dose of atmospheric indie rock that you can check out below.

Here's some more background info via press release:

It was also a strangely charged time. When the album began, Cross and Duszynski were a married couple, but their relationship ended during the sessions—an atmosphere Meiburg found both challenging and inspiring—and the isolated house became the album’s muse. Dogs wandered by the microphones; the sounds of birds and wind in junipers and live oaks hovered at the borders of the songs, and a close listen reveals cicadas and frogs from a nearby stream. Except for Cross’s translucent voice in the foreground, there were no assigned roles on the album; each member of the trio played every instrument as needed.

Cross Record also released a new song for Our First 100 Days earlier this year.

Loma LP

1. Who Is Speaking?
2. Dark Oscillations
3. Joy
4. I Don’t Want Children
5. Relay Runner
6. White Glass
7. Sundogs
8. Jornada
9. Shadow Relief
10. Black Willow

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