Texas trio Loma -- Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski (Cross Record) and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater) -- released their genuinely wonderful second album, Don't Shy Away, back in October. It's hypnotic, haunting, mysterious and comforting, and features Brian Eno on the ethereal closing track, "Homing." If you haven't checked this album out, do yourself a favor and listen -- and watch some of their beautifully made videos -- below.

It's end of the year and everybody seems to be making Top 10 lists, but Loma's three members have offered us slightly unusual ones. Emily Cross' is “Top Ten (vegan) things I made in my kitchen in 2020," Dan Duszynski tells us the “Top Ten Things I am Thinking About Right Now” and Jonathan Meiburg gets wild with “Top Ten Backyard Animal Sightings of 2020.”

Loma - Top 10s for 2020

Emily Cross - “Top Ten (vegan) things I made in my kitchen in 2020”

1. Soymilk
2. Soda bread with raisins
3. West African peanut stew
4. Peanut butter chocolate brownies
5. Something I call "breakfast barley"
6. Ginger turmeric kombucha
7. Gnocchi with pesto
8. Chili
9. Eggplant parmesan
10. Pinto beans

Dan Duszynski - “Top Ten Things I am Thinking About Right Now”

10. Motorcycle Engines
9. Christmas Trees
8. Sourdough Bread
7. Climate Change
6. Dogs and Cats
5. The luxury of a hug
4. The Undoing miniseries
3. Non-Alcoholic Beer
2. Vegan Cheese
1. People I will see when COVID is over

Jonathan Meiburg - “Top Ten Backyard Animal Sightings of 2020”

10. Two coral snakes unhurriedly winding their way across the driveway
9. A pair of courting armadillos rolling on their backs in a field of bluebonnets
8. A fucking bobcat in the middle of the afternoon, who was like, “Hey.”
7. Four of our neighbor's peacocks on a morning stroll past my RV
6. One of our neighbor's escaped African hedgehogs, building a den in the housing of our septic pump
5. Three of our neighbor's miniature donkeys staring in our back door
4. A summer tanager eating live wasps from a nest on the statue of St Francis.
3. A giant sonoran centipede (about 10" long) cleaning bugs off the living room window
2. A black witch moth hiding in the kitchen - the largest insect in North America! Supposed to be either very good or very bad luck.
1. A pair of roadrunners whooping to each other, pacing through the grass, raising and lowering their feather crests and looking for lizards to eat. Total dinosaurs.

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