UK group Pynch, who released a single a couple years ago on Speedy Wunderground, have announced their debut album, Howling at a Concrete Moon, which will be out April 14 via Chillburn Recordings. The band made the album with Stereolab's Andy Ramsay co-producing alongside the band's Spencer Enock.

“My overarching concept for the album was to try and capture my experience of what it has felt like to be young and living in Britain at this particular point in history” Spencer says. ”I’ve tried to take my inner search for meaning and set it against the strange cultural and economic landscape that we find ourselves in."

The first single is breezy dose of nostalgia titled "2009" which features this memorable opening couplet: "I'm gonna dye my hair and listen to heavy metal / and skate down to the edge of the world." Says Spencer, "I wanted to try and capture a pastoral naivety in smoking weed and skateboarding and then juxtapose it with more serious reflections on that time of my life. It’s sort of about how hard it can be to make sense of your own life’s journey and the process of trying to reconnect and reconcile with a younger version of yourself."

Watch the video for "2009" below.

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Howling at a Concrete Moon Tracklist:
Haven’t Lived a Day
Disco Lights
Tin Foil
The City (Part 2)
The City (Part 1)
Somebody Else

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