It's been nearly four years since Lemmy passed away and we still miss him, but in some good news, it turns out Lemmy had recorded a long lost duet with country singer Lynda Kay that is now seeing the light of day. It's called "The Mask," and it features that music that Lemmy started writing in 1979 and finished with Kay in 2009 but remained unreleased until now.

The song is now coming out on Lynda's new album Black & Gold, and Lynda says, "BIG NEWS! The first single on my new double album Black & Gold is a the long lost duet I wrote and recorded with my dear friend Lemmy of Motörhead called 'The Mask.' I'm so proud of this song, hope you enjoy it too." "The Mask" is obviously a little more toned down than The Loudest Band on Earth was, but it's still a great song and great to hear Lemmy's voice on something new. Listen below.

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