Lookout! Records shut down in 2012, though there was a Lookout! fest at 924 Gilman in 2016 and now the label is "reuniting" for a livestream series called 'LOOKOUT ZOOMOUT,' which debuts on January 31 at 3 PM ET. The announcement reads:

In the spirit of unity, togetherness, community, friendship, and good times, we present the first-ever LOOKOUT ZOOMOUT, a show filled with stories and songs from some of your all-time favourite Lookout Recording artists.

For our first show, sets will be performed LIVE AND IN PERSON by Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience, Lisa Marr from cub, Jon Ginoli from Pansy Division, Joe King from the Queers, and Raf Classic from the Crumbs. Featuring Christopher Appelgren, former owner of Lookout Records, and other surprise guests. Hosted by Grant Lawrence from the Smugglers.

Minimum ticket price is $10, suggested is $15, but if you feel like contributing more, please do, as all proceeds will go directly to the artists. Expect a fun, positive and interactive show with time for Q+A.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED so get yours now!

LOOKOUT ZOOMOUT reunions will occur monthly, bringing together the singers, songwriters, and notable personalities from Lookout Records, the iconic pop-punk record label founded by Larry Livermore and David Hayes in 1987. Based in Berkeley and later Oakland, the label had one of the most recognizable logos in independent music, and was most notable for bands like Green Day, Operation Ivy, the Donnas, Screeching Weasel, the Mr. T Experience, and the Queers. The label closed permanently in 2012.

Tickets are on sale HERE.

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