Firemen raided a Loose Record party that Levy were playing at Fat Baby on the Lower East Side Friday night. (Dec 2, 2005)

"...then took off to the L.E.S. bars with cheryl and her friend margot. we also got shut out of the loose record party featuring bands levy and end of the world because the cops and fire department barred the door at fat baby for going over capacity[74]. it was ridiculous, because myself and serkan the loose programmer were shut out of our own party..." [lucky is coming your way]

"...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw full-suited firemen charge into Fat Baby on Friday. The venue has been open two months and already has citations galore. It was packed on Friday, but by no means unbearable. I could still walk around. By bringing in that many firemen and police officers, it only congested it more..." [The Underrated]

"...Later in the night, New York’s finest bar-busters busted up the party. The firemen came in and more or less shut the place down by not letting anyone enter or reenter. I guess the owner had a lot of violations, and it was pretty hazardous -in theory- to occupy the space. One could interpret this as that I was endangering my life for rock and roll...." [Yeti Don't Dance]

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