Toronto band Loose Teeth features touring members of Dilly Dally and they're fronted by Life In Vacuum bassist/backing vocalist Alexander Clark, but they don't sound anything like either of those bands. They make dark, metallic hardcore in the spirit of Converge and other Deathwish bands, and they sound absolutely menacing. Their debut EP A Commorbid Letter is on the way, and we're now premiering the video for its third single "Fatalism." The band is also using the video as a way to raise money for The Trip! Project, "a youth-led harm reduction health information service for the dance music scene and youth who use drugs." They say:

Loose Teeth approached the production company, Silent Tower, and director Jeff Pavlopoulos about making the music video for ‘Fatalism’ as an offshoot to their upcoming short film ‘Die Like A Dog,’ premiering at this year’s deadCenter Film Festival taking place from June 10-20. The collaboration was a natural fit, as the film deals with similar themes, set during a drug-fueled day in the life of a group of nihilistic kids whose night doesn’t go as planned. Consisting of outtakes, unused and new footage, the video is a continuation of the confrontational spirit of both the song and the short film, promoting awareness of the catastrophic twin failures of the opioid crisis and the war on drugs.

Working with Silent Tower to create something as visceral visually as ‘Fatalism’ is audibly and emotionally was an inevitable decision and one Loose Teeth is very excited about. It meant several discussions and research into how to best contribute to the communities affected by the subject material and we are happy to partner with TRIP and donate all proceeds of the single’s sales to benefit their program.

A full list of where such proceeds will lead is available here.

And the GoFundMe campaign link is here.

Watch the video and stream the two previous singles below...


1. to whom this may concern
2. in moderation
3. delaney's demise
4. faith healing
5. fatalism
6. a paragon

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