London electronic musician Loraine James has announced a new self-titled album under the moniker Whatever The Weather, due April 8 via Ghostly International (pre-order). Here's some background on the project, via the label:

A longtime fan of ambient-adjacent Ghostly International artists such as Telefon Tel Aviv (who she’d ask to master the album), HTRK (whose singer Jonnine Standish features on [Loraine's 2020 EP] Nothing), and Lusine (whom she remixed at the start of 2021), James saw the label as the ideal home for this eponymous album of airy, transportive tracks as they began to formulate.

The titling on Whatever The Weather works in degrees; simple parameters allowing James to focus on the nuances as a mood-builder. Her suspended universe fluctuates; freezing, thawing, swaying and blooming from track to track. James describes her jam-based approach for the sessions as “free-flowing, stopping when I felt like I was done,” allowing her subconscious to lead. The improvisations have an intrinsic fluidity to them, akin to sudden weather events passing over a single environment — the location feels fixed while the conditions vary.

The album description also says that the song "30°C" features some of Loraine's most straightforward singing and takes influence from Deftones' Chino Moreno and American Football's Mike Kinsella. You'll have to wait to hear that one, but along with the announcement comes lead single "17ºC," a gorgeously shapeshifting mix of sputtering synths and skittering beats, and you can watch the Michael Reisinger-directed video for that one below.

Lorraine James

1. 25°C
2. 0°C
3. 17°C
4. 14°C
5. 2°C (Intermittent Rain)
6. 10°C
7. 6°C
8. 4°C
9. 30°C
10. 36°C
11. 28°C (Intermittent Sunshine) [Digital Bonus]

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