UK electronic/experimental musician Loraine James will follow last fall's Nothing EP with a new full-length album, Reflection, due June 4 via Hyperdub (pre-order). The first single is "Simple Stuff," which Loraine commented on via press release:

True to its name, “Simple Stuff” consists of minimal, straightforward elements, all channeled into Loraine’s understated and emotive style. Percussion forms the backbone, with a lone bass tone inserted throughout. Running through the song is a singular lyric, an auto-tuned, monotone British declaration: “I like the simple stuff, you like the simple things - what does that bring to me?” It’s a minimal, gentle plea to be treated equally (as a black, queer woman). Though “stuff” and “things” seem similar, the divide between them grows more pronounced as Loraine ruminates, the minutiae made massive during a time, 2020, where thoughts were sometimes one’s only company.

“The words for ‘Simple Stuff’ came very spontaneously but also reflects my immediate and current thoughts,” Loraine shares.

Listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist (including guest appearances by Eden Samara, Baths, Le3 bLACK, Xzavier Stone, Nova, and Iceboy Violet) below.

Loraine James

1. Built to Last (ft. Xavier Stone)
2. Let’s Go
3. Simple Stuff
4. Black Ting (ft. Le3 bLack)
5. Insecure Behaviour and Fuckery (ft. Nova)
6. Self Doubt (Leaving the Club Early)
7. On The Lake Outside (ft. Baths)
8. Reflection
9. Change
10. Running Like That (ft. Eden Samara)
11. We’re Building Something New (ft. Iceboy Violet)

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