UK electronic/experimental musician and producer Loraine James' new album, Reflection, is out today (6/4) via Hyperdub. It features vocals from Eden Samara, Baths, Le3 bLACK, Xzavier Stone, Nova, and Iceboy Violet, and you can stream it below.

In the album's description, James says that her "2020 listening habits - Drill and R&B - seep through into Reflection," so with its release we asked her about some of its influences. She made us a list that includes songs by Jessy Lanza, Pop Smoke ft. Swae Lee, Ariana Grande, Headie One, Yung Lean, El-P, Erika de Casier, Tirzah, Cecile Believe, and Telefon Tel Aviv. Read on for the list.

Ariana Grande - "God is a Woman"

The final chorus of this absolutely gives me goosebumps! Was listening to it a lot last year.

Headie One - "Hear No Evil" ft. Future

The whole album is great - but really love the way Future and Headie One just on this wicked beat.

Yung Lean - "Pikachu"

One of my fav albums last year - had this song a lot whilst making food.

Jessy Lanza - "Face"

Think I rinsed this album last year, and was honored to do a remix of this song too - very feel good.

Pop Smoke - "Creature" ft. Swae Lee

Swae Lee can just [be] on anything and make it sound amazing - my fav song of this album.

Telefon Tel Aviv - "Bubble and Spike"

This album inspired a lot of Reflection - I love how melodic and beautiful this whole project is.

Cecile Believe - "Living My Life Over"

This song just takes me into another place - would love to just jump around at a club to this song.

EL-P - "T.O.J"

The legend El-P - his production is always out of this world, been a fan for years.

Erika de Casier - "The Flow"

Honestly just listen to the whole album - it's amazing.

Tirzah - "Devotion"

This song is one of the best songs of all time.

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