Lost Under Heaven, the duo of former WU LYF singer Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, have announced their third album. Something Is Announced By Your Life!, which follows 2019's Love Hates What You Become, doesn't appear to have a release date yet, but they did just release the album's first single, "Shadowboxing." It's a dark, airy, electronic pop song that finds Ellery's voice sounding as distinct and powerful as ever. Here's what the duo says about the song and its video:

After speaking extensively about our own soul making journeys over the course of a year, we commissioned Shane Lim to direct an allegorical story of a Spiritual Warrior who breaks free from the chains of the mind to find the limitless source of freedom within.

Through the visceral expression of Movement and Dance, ‘Shadowboxing’ illustrates a powerful reminder of the importance of acknowledging and embracing all aspects of ourselves, even those we may not want to face and how this can put us back into contact with the spontaneous joy of our "higher minds".

Check it out:

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