Former TEEN leader Teeny Lieberson has been performing as Lou Tides for a few years now, having created a multimedia live show with drummer Sarah Galdes that is unlike anything she did with her band. Lou has now announced her debut EP, Infinite Loop, which will be out May 20. “I think of these songs as a map," Lou says. "A sequence in time. And the sequence of the songs follows that map, that loop."

Tides wrote these songs while coming to terms with the way she had been disrupted by sexual trauma. “Emotionally this music would not fit into anything strictly shaped or precise, I wanted to embrace the moods of the emotions and how I felt they would naturally flow," she says. "Time then felt different, and lush arrangements with stretchy synthesizers felt appropriate. I wanted the music to emulate the natural peaks and valleys of our lives and relationships."

The first single from the EP is "Sense of Touching," which was made with drummer Sarah Galdes, saxophonist Jason Arce, engineered by Vishal Nayak and mixed by Johannes Buff, and is a dark, sinuous and ethereal until it explodes into dance rhythms. (You can buy it for Bandcamp Friday.) We've got the premiere of the song's video, which was shot live pre-pandemic in January 2020 by director Suzi Murray Sadler and gives you an idea of what Lou Tides' live show is like.

"The song and video was almost lost in the noise of the pandemic - for me personally, it felt difficult to return to as it was written to process past sexual events," says Lou. "But, about two years into the pandemic, I started feeling like I was ready to revisit the song, as it allowed for some time to reflect on the purpose of the music. Admitting to myself that shame was partially responsible for my fear to release the music, I didn’t wish to let the people who had harmed me hold that level of power. So this video, made with people I love and trust, feels both joyful and cathartic in its defiance."

Watch the video below.

attachment-lou tides - INFINITE LOOP

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