NJ hardcore festival Loud Fest went down on Saturday (11/4) at GameChangerWorld with a lineup featuring Despised Icon, Knocked Loose, Internal Bleeding, Sharptooth, Jesus Piece, and more. Unfortunately, the show was cut short after a fight broke out that sent four security guards to the hospital. NJ.com points out that one concert attendee was escorted out of the video by security after "creating a disturbance" while moshing, and Pollstar posted a statement from the Howell Police Department -- who were responsible for shutting down the show -- which reads:

As Howell patrol units arrived, they discovered several security guards and attendees were injured as a result of an assault. Medical assistance was then requested. The alleged assaulters had apparently fled. This male was uncooperative so the four security guards escorted him out the doors onto the side of the building. At this time, one of the guards was punched in the face and multiple unknown subjects joined in and began fighting the guards. They were repeatedly punched and kicked. One guard was able to break free and called 911.

Police reported that the security guards suffered "Loss of teeth, lip and eye injury. Loss of consciousness, contusion above the ear, rib pain, dizziness, headache, nauseous. Abrasions, contusion on back of head, facial contusion, blurry vision, right eye injury."

GameChangerWorld, which was created by Skate & Surf and Bamboozle founder John D'Esposito, has reportedly had run-ins with police several times over the years. The venue posted their own statement after the incident, which reads, "GameChangerWorld has never had any problems with any of our crowds over the 4 years we have been in Howell and tonight's incident with our security contractor will be reviewed and addressed so future incidents are avoided"

GameChangerWorld was involved in a different sort of drama involving Back to School Jam earlier this year.

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