Louis C.K.'s return to stand-up comedy, which he began less than a year after admitting to sexual misconduct, has been the subject of plenty of controversy, and even moreso as audio, video, and quotes from his sets have leaked to the public. He's struck back at that part by banning attendees from sharing show material without consent, a controversial move in and of itself - but the shows themselves have continued. A series of eight sold-out shows in Minneapolis earlier this month has been followed, more recently, by six shows at Nashville club Zanies, which wrap up on Friday (5/17).

Not so much in the UK, where two of Louis's shows were cancelled less than 24 hours after being announced. Chortle reports that the dates, which were to take place at Leeds comedy clubs The Wardrobe and The Hi-Fi Club, were met with significant backlash:

Promoter Toby Jones told Chortle: 'The sheer amount of hatred from both the industry and members of the public made running the shows utterly untenable.'

Among those expressing their anger were comedian Susan Murray, who tweeted: ‘YAY don't you just live it when male promoters bring over rapey comedians just to make a quick buck. SOLIDARITY WITH THE SISTERS!!!!!’

Fellow comic Chloe Green added: ‘I hope a rich woman somewhere buys all the tickets for this show so CK can spend a few hours talking to himself and his limp dick. Failing that, I hope someone brings a milkshake. To the venue/promoter: Way to show women (and women comics) what you think of them, asswipe.’

Comedy producer Rachel Barber tweeted: 'Disgusted that @ComedyLeeds is having Louis CK for two nights of performances. Surely the term ‘disgraced’ suggests that this is a terrible decision shows such contempt for women.'

And journalist John Murphy said: ‘Weird how just 3 years ago I'd have been beside myself with excitement at seeing Louis CK in a tiny venue in Leeds. Now it just fills me with revulsion. Keep your old lad to yourself eh Louis?’

Now an email has gone out to all those who brought tickets saying: ‘We regret to inform you that Louis CK: LIVE AT LEEDS is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.’

When initially announcing the shows, promoter Toby Jones told Chortle, "we are aware of some people’s feelings and spent the weekend deliberating whether to do [the shows] or not," before agreeing to host them.

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