Louis CK began his return to stand-up comedy less than a year after admitting to sexual misconduct, with a series of small shows, mostly announced at the last minute and with little promotion. Many attracted some amount of controversy; some were eventually cancelled, while others sold out. Louis has now gone a step further in his attempted comeback, relaunching his website and email list, and announcing his first full tour since his admission of sexual misconduct. In an email, which notably opens with an unsubscribe option, he gave a "brief update" about his website, which he said "has been down for a while," and said that tickets were available for his upcoming shows, with more still to be announced.

His website, meanwhile, has a note that reads:

Hey. Hello. I am on the road doing professional stand-up comedy. Which consists of sharing jokes, stories, observations, lies, non-lies, and being generally ridiculous for the benefit of a laughing audience.

Below are listed some of the places I’m doing these things. Click on the links to buy tickets so you can be there. Or don’t. I will be adding more dates and will post them here. If you’re not already on my email list click below to subscribe.

See you all (or some of you anyway) on the road.


No word on whether these newly announced shows will be subject to some of the same restrictions as other recent ones, which have included a ban on attendees sharing material from them without "consent."

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