Louis CK has released a new special on his website that he produced and directed for Barry Crimmins, "one of [Louis'] favorite comedians of all time." You can download it HERE for $5.

Here's what Louis says...

I'm writing you today because I'm offering something new on my website. This time it's not me. It's a great comedian named Barry Crimmins. Last summer I produced and directed Barry's first live standup special. It's called "Whatever Threatens You". It costs the usual 5 dollars, and it's really goddamn great. So please download it here.

Barry is a legend. A great mind, an author and activist and political satirist. He has been an important voice of passion and reason since the 1970s. He has stood before thousands of audiences of every size and type and told them the truth with wit and wisdom, with anger and compassion. Barry was a towering example to me when I started doing standup at age 18. He fostered the comedy scene that I cut my teeth on and later became my friend. More than all of that, I am his fan. I love his voice. He makes me laugh. He's always right. There has NEVER been another comic like him.

The great thing about comedians is that they get better with time. And I feel very lucky to be bringing you Barry's first standup special. I produced it and directed it and he worked incredibly hard over the last two years on the road shaping it and putting it together and he left every ounce of it on the stage when we filmed him. When you watch this special, you'll be seeing a great comic and a prime and only example of what comedy is at it's best. You'll see a comedian who cares about what he is saying and who brings integrity and experience and an unmatched skill as a writer to his performance.

About two years ago, Bob Goldthwait, a good friend of Barry's, produced a documentary about him titled "Call Me Lucky". It covers a whole other part of Barry's life where he made a huge impact.

Barry was a victim of sexual abuse when he was very little. He turned around his personal pain to help others by challenging the power companies of the internet to police child pornography, testifying before Congress and championing victims everywhere by sharing his own story. You should look for this movie on Netflix. It's great and also includes great footage of Barry's early work as a standup.

"Call Me Lucky" was shown at the Sundance Film festival last year and Barry was there to receive a thunderous standing ovation from the audience. He called me that night and we talked for hours about life and about comedy. I told him that I wish more people knew how great he is. I made him a promise that if he went on the road and built a solid hour I would shoot it for him and put it on my site. He took me up on it. I told him he could shoot it anywhere in the country he wanted. He chose Lawrence, Kansas. So we flew the crew into Lawrence and shot this special.

There are a lot of standup specials out there right now. On Netflix, on iTunes, HBO, whatever. But you won't see another like this.

Louis also has upcoming tour dates, including Madison Square Garden in December.