Louis CK is of course no stranger to the Comedy Cellar, where the beginning sequence of Louie is filmed and where he makes surprise appearances all the time, as recently as last month with Madonna. He did it again last night (10/29), this time also with surprise guest Ray Romano. One attendee wrote, "Pilgrimage to the Comedy Cellar tonight! Ray Romano and Louis CK dropped in to try new material. It is taking every ounce of reserve I have to not go full Caps Lock rn." See some more social media reactions below.

Louis recently released the trailer for his upcoming film, I Love You, Daddy, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. The film has earned more than one comparison to Woody Allen, for its similar black-and-white approach to Manhattan and for some controversial themes. From Variety's review:

The catalyst for the film’s unexpectedly outrageous scenario is a party in the Hamptons, where Grace introduces Glen and his daughter to Leslie, a highly celebrated film director played by John Malkovich in slip-cover garments and a white goatee that comes to a little point. Leslie’s legend proceeds him: He likes very young women, and there’s a persistent rumor that he once molested a child. The character, it’s clear, is meant to be a fictionalized gloss on Woody Allen, though Malkovich gives him a very different personality — one that’s far removed, even, from his standard supercilious Malkovichian turn. He makes the director a kind of regal Zen libertine, open to every moment, and his seduction of China is as elaborate as it is roundabout. He doesn’t push, or even ask; he just lets the prey come to him.

When Glen learns that China is planning to accompany this suave snake to France, it strikes him as 100 times more sordid than spring break, and the movie keys off “Manhattan” in a deeply perverse way. Tracy, the Mariel Hemingway character in that film, was 17 years old, just like China. Allen’s character was 42; Malkovich’s character is 68. To Glen, the lines are cleanly drawn: China is still a minor, she’s his daughter, and Leslie is a perv who is old enough, in context, to seem like a mummy. The film gets into some very dicey terrain, and deserves credit for daring, though it wears its transgressive glee a little too proudly on its lapel.

I Love You, Daddy will hit theaters on November 17. Louis CK also released a new Netflix special this year.

Ray Romano recently starred in Kumail Nanjiani's new movie, The Big Sick.

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