Louisville hardcore band Inclination (whose guitarist Isaac Hale is also in Knocked Loose) have put out two new singles on Pure Noise, "Thoughts and Prayers" and "A Decision," which will also be released on the limited A Glimpse Through The Lens flexi, available at LDB Fest.

The songs were recorded by former Weekend Nachos member Andy Nelson, and "A Decision" features two awesome guest vocalists: One Step Closer's Ryan Savitski and Magnitude's Russell Bussey. Both are killer songs that channel '90s metallic hardcore but still feel fresh and modern, and "A Decision" gets a little psychedelic towards the end too. Vocalist Tyler Short says:

I wrote 'Thoughts and Prayers' because I was sick of watching the people who have been elected to power in this country more or less stand idly by as the community I live in, as well as countless others, are ripped apart by a drug epidemic. The fact that the majority of these individuals are in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies that helped push these drugs on people who were not clearly informed of the risk all but guarantees that no substantive change would or could be made. Instead, they take to the complicit media and offer thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers can’t fix the backbreaking labor or economic anxiety that hangs around the working classes neck 52 weeks a year but as long as healthcare is allowed to run as a for-profit enterprise those existential problems have no incentivized solution. So we will be patronized by our leaders and divided amongst each other while they attempt to convince us that it’s our fault for ending up here and it won’t matter how many of us die in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

'A Decision' is a look at the feeling of finding straight edge at the age I did, when I still really didn’t know who I was, and deciding to identify with the movement. That’s what straight edge is to me, it’s a movement towards something. I think that 'something' varies depending on who you are talking to and I wanted to venture out and ask that question of a couple of our contemporaries. I reached out to Russ from Magnitude and Ryan from One Step Closer and asked them if they’d be a part of the song and help me write it by giving their unique perspective and voice to what it means to make that decision. Straight edge has shaped my life and I think there is value to everyone’s individual journeys toward this collective idea.

Check out both songs below...


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