by Andrew Sacher

Love Inks at MHOW in 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Love Inks

Austin's Love Inks have announced that they'll release their third album, Exi, on September 9 via Republic of Music. Its first single, "Shoot 100 Panes of Glass," is more of their minimalist pop with not even a single snare hit in the song's bare percussion, and the airy vocals of singer Sherry Le Blanc leading the way. You can stream that, with the album artwork and tracklist, below.

Love Inks haven't announced a tour yet, but they will be coming to NYC soon after the album's release for a show on September 15 at Glasslands with Air Waves and Hollow & Akimbo. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Song stream, album artwork and tracklist, below...


Love Inks - "Shoot 100 Panes of Glass"

Love Inks

1. Shoot 100 Panes of Glass
2. Dawn/ Poem
3. Don't Hear That
4. Exi
5. Way Out
6. New West
7. Sky Machine
8. Regular Lovers
9. Text Message
10.Spirit Communication

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