Love is All

soon. very soon.

i tend to wake up way too early when excited. and getting up at five this morning must indicate that i'm very, very excited about leaving for new york soon. it could also have something to do with the fact that the sun rises around 3 am these days. or the seagulls that live outside my window. oh, well. i still don't have the visa in my hand, but it should be on it's way to gothenburg as i type.
yesterday we made another 100 copies of that cover cdr to bring to over to sell at the shows. and last weekend i screen printed a bunch of tote bags in my kitchen. we are all set.

so, yeah, there's another show booked, at the bowery ballroom. i understand that the place is big. and the tickets kind of pricey. that all makes me very nervous. for those of you who decide to come we promise special treats, we will sell our merch a little cheaper and maybe play songs we don't play that often. requests are welcome.

it looks like it's going to be another very sunny day here today (it hasn't rained here in over a month), i must try to go swimming in the sea again before we're off.

can't wait.

josephine (Love is All)

Crystal Stilts have been added as opener to the Bowery show. Crystal Stilts lost a van back in February. Crystal Stilts got a really high Pitchfork review in May.

Crystal Stilts are also playing Cake Shop on June 29th with Tickley Feather, PWRFL Power, and Rings. Tickley Feather and Rings are on the same record label.

caUSE co-MOTION! have been added as opener to the Love is All Market Hotel show. caUSE co-MOTION! and Love is All are on the same record label.

The Love is All show at Cake Shop is part of NYC Popfest.

All Love is All tour dates HERE. All Crystal Stilts tour dates below...

Crystal Stilts - 2008 Tour Dates
Jun 16 - Bowery Ballroom with Love is All mnhtn, New York
Jun 29 - Cake Shop with Tickley Feather, PWRFL Power, and Rings. New York
Aug 4 - TBA Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 5 - Zoobizarre Montreal
Aug 6 - Sneaky Dees toronto
Aug 7 - TBA Detroit, Michigan
Aug 10 - TBA Chicago, Illinois
Aug 11 - Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, Ohio
Aug 12 - TBA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 13 - TBA DC, Washington DC
Aug 14 - The Cave Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Aug 15 - TBA Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 16 - Pi Lam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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