Danish band Lowly have spent the latter part of 2022 prepping their upcoming third full-length album, Keep Up The Good Work (due February 17 via Bella Union). Check out two tracks from the album below.

Ahead of that, the band have set us a list of their favorite things -- albums, songs, tech, and more -- of 2022, featuring SZA, 070 Shake, Aldous Harding, baggy clothes (the style, not a band), and more. Read on for their picks...


Lowly's Favorite Things of 2022


070 Shake - You Can't Kill Me

What can I say... I'm a die hard 070 Shake fan and this album has been in my ears literally EVERYWHERE I went in 2022. "Body" feat Christine and the Queens is out of this world. One of the most intimate sonic landscapes I have ever experienced on recording.

Selina Gin - Patiently Waving

Although released late 2022, this album is already a strong contender for my album of the year-list. This is her first album as a solo artist and the sonic movements as well as her ability to almost change character from one song to another keeps me returning to the album again and again and again.


Dall-e the AI that generates images from text. It started out being a thing you had to sign up for, but now it's open to everyone. We've used it for our artwork for our latest singles and the outcome from it has been fantastic. It has an eerie new visual narrative, one person with an arm too many and really weird looking hands or eyes. I use it as an inspiration to write lyrics from, because it usually generates a weird detail or perspective I hadn't thought of.

Secondly I am very happy that baggy clothes have re-entered my wardrobe. Found a pair of old UFO pants that I love and my oversize hoodie is giving me y2k vibes, but in a more self protective way. Billie Eilish or whoever is the source of it - it really suits my mood well.


Giorgio Sancristoforo - Bento Noise-Box

With the Japanese-styled skin with waves and volcanoes, this stand-alone noise-box software is one of the coolest and most beautiful sound generators out there. So intuitive and fun and you don’t need any DAWs or knowledge beforehand to make music.

Claire Keegan - Foster

This little beauty of a book came out in a Danish translation earlier this year. It's short but has truly left a mark on me. The book is about courage, family, loss and love in its purest form.


Aldous Harding - Warm Chris

Beautiful and really surprising vocal melodies in the best possible way. The perfect record for slow morning where you don't have too many plans.

SZA - "Good Days"

This is how all pop music should sound. A subtle arrangement with kind of simple elements added one by one - and it works great.


Rosalia - Motomami

Rated by many, but this epic, danceable, hectic, provoking, progressive, soul-touching beauty cannot be praised enough. Gonna highlight the ballads "Candy," "Hentai," and "G3 N15." The way they add little time-stopping drops on the record will melt your frozen heart.

Jon Hopkins' Polarity Tour

More specifically the Laeizhalle Hamburg-show in September. Such an effortless wandering between quiet, gorgeous chamber music - revealing the essences of Jon Hopkins' compositional foundations - to concert-hall-demolishing, live-affirming rave segments that forced everyone to leave their comfy little seat and go mental. Bit fomo recommendation i know, but make sure to catch him next time!

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