(current incarnation of?) Lubricated Goat
Lubricated Goat

"Lubricated Goat was an Australian noise rock band of the 1980s. They achieved brief notoriety for playing on a television program naked, with only their instruments. Mainly influenced by bands like The Stooges and The Birthday Party, they are credited for playing a grimy, confrontational style of rock which preceded grunge music....

Lubricated Goat was formed by Stu Spasm (real name Stuart Grey). Spasm had previously been in bands such as Singing Dog with Stu Barker, and Salamander Jim with Tex Perkins....

Lubricated Goat had its back catalog re-released via Amphetamine Reptile Records in the United States, and on Normal in Europe, before making its first American tour in mid-1989. In 1990, Lubricated Goat commenced its first European tour, one that was plagued with tragedy via the stabbing of Spasm in Berlin in 1990. The incident placed Lubricated Goat on hiatus....

...Various incarnations of Lubricated Goat, often featuring only Stu Spasm, have since existed, recording material for Sub Pop, PCP, Sympathy for the Record Industry and REPTILIAN. Spasm also played in Crunt (which featured his then-wife Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland) and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion drummer Russell Simins.

In 2007, a brand new lineup of Lubricated Goat started writing new songs & performing them, along with a selection of classic LG songs. This lineup included Anne Mette Rasmussen on keyboards, sound effects & backup vocals, Creighton Chamberlain (formerly of Heroine Sheiks) on bass, and 'Bloody' Rich Hutchins (former/current member of Live Skull, Of Cabbages and Kings, Sugartime, Phideaux, Hungry March Band) on drums. [Wikipedia]

Lubricated Goat holds a special place in my heart due to one recent, not-music-related experience, A few years ago I hired a 'man with a van' off Craigslist to help me move. That man turned out to be none other than Stu Spasm. I felt star struck that entire afternoon. The company he was/is working for is Rabbit Movers.

So, I was excited, but not surprised, to see that not only are Lubricated Goat playing a show tonight (5/8), but that the show (which other bands are also playing) is taking place in the Rabbit Movers-related Rabbit Hole Studio gallery in conjunction with their own art show entitled "Patti Smith's Fridge" because "One time they moved Patti Smith's cast-iron refrigerator down three flights of stairs and into a building across town". Junk Science is also on tonight's bill. Seven bands total play today and tomorrow (set times below).

The three day event this weekend in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) will feature art, live music, readings and performance, or to quote them, "all sorts of shenanigans from the Rabbit Art Collective". More details below...

Patti Smith's Fridge
Patti Smith's Fridge
Patti Smith's Fridge

Patti Smith's Fridge

33 Washington Street, (between Water and Plymouth), 718-852-1500
May 7 - May 10, 2009

a weekend of all sorts of shenanigans from the rabbit art collective


Kate Hill Cantrill, Serge Cashman, Adam Collison, Stephen Dirkes, Jason Gandy
Stuart Gray, Cassady Fernandez, Nathaniel Joslin, Morgan Lappin, Justin William
Lin, Joe Marxen, Travis Swain Pendlebury, Eran Raitzes, Yoram Porath

Lubricated Goat, Junk Science, Mr. Meatpockets [friday]
Freedom Tickler, The Party Faithful, Color War, Nathan Crepeault [saturday]

performance / readings
Alex Cassidy, Casey Degnan, Terence Degnan, Gina Goldblatt, Teodora Koleva
Mateo Prendergast [sunday]