Lucero are celebrating 20 years as a band with the release of their ninth studio album on August 3rd. Among the Ghosts was co-produced and engineered by Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Drive-by Truckers) and recorded in the band’s home town of Memphis, TN at Sam Phillips Recording Service. The PR says:

Among the Ghosts features 10 new songs written by lead singer/co-founder Ben Nichols that are steeped in the Southern gothic inspired vignettes that have become a Lucero trademark. This time around, the seminal band pulls back on the big arrangements and Memphis-styled horns of their recent work for the more straight up, rock band style of their earlier years. Nichols and bandmates Brian Venable (guitar), Roy Berry (drums), John C. Stubblefield (bass) and Rick Steff (keyboards) maintain their footing in their blues, rock, country gospel and R&B foundation, while simultaneously pushing their sound forward.

Listen to one of the new songs now:

Another new song is at the bottom of this post.
UPDATE: album is out now.

While we wait to hear the rest of the record, we can at least catch the band's reilably great live show (new songs possibly included). Lucero are on tour now with Frank Turner, hitting NYC's Playstation Theater in NYC tonight (6/6) and continuing on the road with Frank until June 24 in Cleveland. Even more dates after that listed at Lucero's website.
UPDATE 2: Lucero have two new upcoming Brooklyn shows: they support Jawbreaker in Coney Island later in September (tickets), and headline Warsaw in October (tickets).

What is Lucero listening to though? We have the answer. Ben Nichols and Brian Venable recently posted a rather large list of songs they love to Spotify. Check that out. but we also asked them to tell us what they've been listening to in the van and Ben sent us this list (recent tourmates The Sword included):

What They're Listening To In the Van
From Ben Nichols:

1. The Sword, Used Future
As unlikely as it sounds we've actually played a number of shows with The Sword. I've always been a fan. This record is fucking great. No one is gonna change their mind on this record because the dude from Lucero likes it... but it's fucking great.

2. Devo, "Pity You"
My daughter was born in Akron. My wife is from the area. I spend a lot of time up there now. So I like to drive around listening to one of the best bands from there. And the fact that they were the band in the Tarakian bar scene in the adult cartoon film Heavy Metal is kinda the coolest thing that could ever happen to a band.

3. The Deslondes, "Heavenly Home"
I was looking forward to playing a show with these guys but it never panned out. If you only listen to one song off this list, listen to this one. I wish I'd written this song.

4. Christopher Cross, "Ride Like the Wind"
When my daughter was one year old she loved the movie Sing. Matthew McConaughey as a cartoon koala putting on a singing contest. I've probably seen it 200 times because of her. There's a snail that sings this song and it's one of my favorite parts. It cracks me up every time.

5. Jake La Botz, "How I Wish She Was Mine"
We toured with Jake earlier this year and I became a big fan of his. His music has this slinky cool sound that I just really like. A man with good taste and style.

6. The Shangri-Las, "Leader of the Pack"
Hadn't heard this song since I was a kid and it popped up on a playlist and I remembered why I used to like it so much. It seems like there used to be a lot more songs about folks dying in wrecks. I guess maybe that's a good thing that's changed. But I remember this song really got to me.

7. The Cure, Disintigration
I listened to The Cure a lot in high school. Played their songs in cover bands as a kid. There is stuff on the new Lucero record that made me want to go back and listen to them again. They made a bigger impact on Lucero than I think I ever really admitted.

8. John Fogerty, "The Old Man Down the Road"
This is another one I revisited recently because a couple of the new Lucero songs kind of had the same feel to me. Venable hates CCR. I love them. That tension has nothing to do with how Lucero sounds probably.

9. The War on Drugs, A Deeper Understanding
I don't know a lot about this band. I should. I've never seen them live but I'd like to. Can't understand the lyrics but it doesn't matter I still listen to this record all the time.

10. Childish Gambino, "This is America"
I thought it was amazing like everybody else. I made the mistake of watching this on Youtube with my two year old. I was like, "she likes to dance..." BLAM. She seemed fine but I guess we will see how she turns out later.


And that other new Lucero track:

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