Chicago post-hardcore band Lume released their Equal Vision debut, Wrung Out, last year, and today we're premiering two b-sides from the album, "Black Sun" and "Harris." Wrung Out would often build to a cathartic, grungy climax, but these two songs see Lume exploring their more atmospheric side. "Black Sun" is sludgy post-rock with hushed vocals in the lower register, while "Harris" is driven by minimal piano, sort of in a Radiohead circa Kid A/Amnesiac kind of way. They both show a very different side of Lume, and it makes for a nice complement to the songs on Wrung Out. Guitarist vocalist Dan Butler told us a bit about both songs:

"Black Sun" is a song that we've had kicking around in various versions for quite a while. We actually first recorded it in Seattle at Avast Studios for our first Converse Rubber Tracks session in 2015, but for whatever reason that version never saw the light of day. After that, we stuck it in our back pocket for a few years and pulled it back out during the recording sessions for Wrung Out. Although it didn’t make its way onto the record itself, I feel like Black Sun is a great companion piece to Wrung Out. The tone and darkness is all there, and lyrically it deals with a similar subject, describing a constant feeling that nags at you until it becomes overbearing and sucks you in.

"Harris" is a pretty stripped-down song for us and was really born out of the inherent idleness that comes with working on a record in a studio, waiting for other people to finish their parts or for mix tweaks to be made. The studio on Long Island where we recorded Wrung Out happened to have an upright piano in the live room, and while none of us are necessarily piano players, the natural reverb in that room kind of made anything we did on it sound cool. One of us would pass by the piano and hit a key, and before you knew it we were starting to write songs on the spot. Harris ended up being written and fully recorded within the span of a few hours. Lyrically it hits very close to home, like many of the songs on Wrung Out, as it refers to watching a close friend repeatedly make harmful decisions, and no matter what you do to try to help them, you just can't make it through in time.

The two-song single gets its official release this Friday (2/8), but first you can stream them both here:

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