In 2018, Laura Marling and Tunng's Mike Lindsay released a self-titled collaborative album as LUMP, and now they've reconvened and will release a second album, Animal, on July 30 via Partisan/Chrysalis (pre-order). "LUMP is so the repository for so many things that I’ve had in my mind and just don’t fit anywhere in that way," Laura said along with the announcement for the new album. "They don’t have to totally make narrative sense, but weirdly they end up making narrative sense in some way."

Laura and Mike were working on this album around the same time Laura was working on last year's Song For Our Daughter. "It became a very different thing about escaping a persona that has become a burden to me in some way," she said. "It was like putting on a superhero costume." She also adds that sometimes it feels like she's "edging Laura Marling off a cliff as much as I can and putting LUMP in the centre."

"There’s a little bit of a theme of hedonism on the album, of desires running wild," Laura continues. "We created LUMP as a sort of persona and an idea and a creature. Through LUMP we find our inner animal, and through that animal we travel into a parallel universe."

The title track and its video are out now, and like the first LUMP album, this is more psychedelic and electronic than Laura's solo material, but "Animal" is also groovier and more upbeat -- in a haunting way -- than LUMP's self-titled. Check it out below.

LUMP Animal

1. Bloom At Night
2. Gamma Ray
3. Animal
4. Climb Every Wall
5. Red Snakes
6. Paradise
7. Hair on the Pillow
8. We Cannot Resist
9. Oberon
10. Phantom Limb

LUMP -- 2021 Tour Dates
31st August – Gorilla, Manchester
2nd September – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
3rd September – Trinity, Bristol
5th September – Patterns, Brighton
6th September – Scala, London

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