Luna Lounge

Benefit Show Tonight Canceled!
April 26, 2008 - 10:55 am

Dear Music Fans -

We're very sorry to report that the Luna Lounge was temporarily closed down by the New York City Health Department last night and the Benefit show for Common Ground is canceled. Those of you who bought advance tickets can use them for the rescheduled show. Also, please note that the advance ticket sales will all go right to Common Ground.

Because we don't know all of the facts, I hesitate to disparage the responsible parties. But I feel completely free to write that it seems very unfair to shut down a rock venue/bar on a Friday night right before the music starts, and thus putting the business out for the whole weekend, unless the public's health is really at risk. I highly doubt this was the case.

The unfairness trickles down to so many levels, especially to the bands, who were very generous by offering to play for free; and you, the fans who bought tickets already, planned to attend, and for those who will show up with no show going on. We're really sorry to all of you. I also want to relay that the management at Luna Lounge feels very bad about the show being canceled and looks forward to doing the show in the near future.

Mostly, we feel lousy that we won't be able to send a big fat check on Monday for about $4000 to Common Ground to help with their efforts to end homelessness. At least not yet...

The show will go on! We'll get back to you ASAP with the new date for the Benefit show.

You can and should still learn more about the work of Common Ground by checking it out here:


Gabriel Levitt
Founder, Jezebel Music

This closing comes just two days after Sound Fix Records (a venue in the same Brooklyn neighborhood) was able to sort their issues with the health department and whoever else kept shutting them down.

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