Luscious Jackson's Jill Cunniff is, in addition to being a musician, an artist and the two
have always been linked for her. "I've been painting my whole life. As a teenager, I used to paint and write songs kind of like a hand off, switching between the two over the course of an afternoon," says Jill. "I listen to music when I am doing artwork; it's a big part of the process. I'm influenced by New York City's streets and the posters and writings that pile up on top of each other, creating layers of color and text." Influenced by 1980s NYC street art, she studied painting at U.C. Berkeley before coming back to New York to form Luscious Jackson in the early '90s.

Cunniff will present her first ever exhibition of her artwork at NYC's 198 Allen Street gallery from September 20 - 23. Some of her paintings feature Luscious Jackson lyrics. For the opening night party (9/20, 7-10 PM), Jill will also perform an acoustic set, playing Luscious Jackson songs and solo material. More info on that is here.

Watch Jill play solo acoustic at Brooklyn's Southpaw in 2007:

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