Peru-born artist M. Caye Castagnetto will release their debut album, Leap Second, via Castle Face Records on January 29. While their music is song based, they also uses a spectral array of samples to get there. It’s an unusual sound, both familiar and alien.

Osees frontman John Dwyer, who co-runs Castle Face, calls the album “a truly interesting conglomeration of loose inspirations and conjurings. A hard to decipher sound all together which makes it worth every moment, A sprinkling of Catherine Ribeiro, Dr. John, Terje Rypdal & Nico. Far out sun-soaked odysseys & moon dappled woodland night creepers.” Black Dice‘s Bjorn Copeland, meanwhile, notes, “While it doesn’t really sound like anything else, there are moments that feel like a Latin flavored Nico, that’s edging its way towards some of the outings of the Sun City Girls. In my opinion it checks all the boxes, by checking none of them.”

We’ve got the premiere of “Hands on the Business,” one of the groovier tracks on the album. You definitely feel that Nico vibe, and fans of German singer Anika may dig this too. “This song was written after going to an opening event at the State park in Chinatown, Los Angeles,” Caye tells us. “After hearing real estate agents discuss the site’s beautification, armed with portfolios of landscaping pathologies: plants separated from the ground, followed by animals and humans in unbroken sequence.” Listen below.

You can pre-order Leap Second here.

I Invented Disco
Stopping You
Slippery Snakes
Mi Mentira
All Points North
Amor Cabra
Hands On The Business
Street Trees, Evening Green
Chase Water, Blue Moon