You may remember Australian singer-songwriter Martin Craft from his mid-'00s albums, like 2006's Silver & Fire, which mixed gorgeous, Nick Drake-style baroque melodies, danceable rock, and jangly pop. M. Craft (his nom de plume) is back with Blood Moon, his first album in seven years, which is out this week (June 17) via Heavenly. Made in a remote cabin near the Mojave desert (he relocated to LA recently), the album is his most sonically cohesive to date, a cinematic, understated, piano-driven study of isolation. Martin has handed the LP's current single, "Chemical Trails," over to Erol Alkan for one of his patented Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve "reanimations" which subtly adds more of a beat to the otherwise swooning song. Martin tells us how it all came about:

When I first lived in London I would occasionally find myself at Trash, Erol Alkan’s legendary club. I loved that it was on Monday nights- it was always a blast. I remember seeing Suicide play there, among other shows. I got to know Erol, but we somewhat lost touch when I moved to California. I was thrilled that our paths crossed again and that he was up for doing a remix of Chemical Trails with the fantastic Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve. Enjoy!

That "reanimation" makes its premiere in this post and you can stream it, along with the original version and its video, below.

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, meanwhile, are set to release their debut album on July 1.