As mentioned, Worcester, MA emo band Good Sleepy will follow up a few EPs, a split (with closure. and Knope) and their 2019 debut LP The Clock Shop with a new album, everysinglelittlebit, on May 21 via No Sleep (pre-order). They recently released lead single "childlike" and we're now premiering the second single, "sun aside."

These are songs that would fit in just about anywhere in the past quarter-century of emo history. There's hints of the mathy, noodly, '90s Midwest emo, anthemic early 2000s emo, and the more modern revival/fifth wave era stuff. There's a familiar, nostalgic side to these songs, but they feel fresh too.

"'sun aside' is the song on the album that makes me want to dance the most," the band tells us. "In this song, we’re really pushing the lighter, happier, more hopeful side of the album. It’s a song about pushing out the bad and moving in with the good. This was the last song we wrote for the album and we wrote it after we got to the studio. It’s really a real jam of Seth riffing with some pretty direct feelings about throwing out a toxic relationship, but it became one of our favorites on the album."

Listen to both singles below...


Good Sleepy

1. s'mother
2. suffokate
3. live and breathe
4. it's never quiet enough
5. sun aside
6. make your bed!
7. painting words
8. the dark
9. everylittlebit
10. dihappy
11. childlike
12. for good hope (nursery)

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