Ghost Fame are a very promising new-ish band from Lowell, Massachusetts, and they take clear influence from the New England melodic hardcore sound of the late 2000s (Defeater, Have Heart, Verse, The Carrier, etc). They recorded their upcoming sophomore EP Nobody Wants To Be Here, Nobody Wants To Leave with former Defeater member and Verse/The Carrier producer Jay Maas, alongside Mouthbreather's Nick Cates, and it features guest vocals from members of Mouthbreather and Great American Ghost.

The EP follows their 2019 debut EP To All My Past Friends, and judging by the first two singles, it sounds like a noticeable step up. "With the new music we’ve been sitting on, we wanted to take a heavier more traditional approach with the songs," the band recently told No Echo. "We are big fans of the fast punk beats and there is a lot more of that in the newer material. We also wanted more breakdowns [laughs]."

"[Lead single] 'Scenes From A Marriage,' we feel, is the most reflective of the new direction we’ve taken as a band. It feels like we are finally writing the music we’ve always wanted to write. If I had to show someone new what Ghost Fame sounds like this would without a doubt be the song. This song is just the start. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of what we’ve been working on."

"Scenes From A Marriage" (ft. Great American Ghost's Ethan Harrison) and "Departing Words" are out now, and if you've read this far, you probably have a good idea of what you're in for and you can stream these two ragers below. The EP drops February 18 via Patient Zero Records.

Ghost Fame

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