Mac DeMarco has launched a new web series, Advance Studio Recording Techniques, which is an "in-depth look at some advanced studio recording techniques." Of course it is. The first episode, "Building an Echo Chamber," is up now, where "Mac shows us how to repurpose an unused room beneath a house for use as an Echo / Reverb Chamber for a Studio."

ASRT is is part of a new streaming service, Eternal.TV, that also has a show featuring fellow L.A.-based weirdo musician Jerry Paper, plus a whole bunch of other original comedy, documentary, instructional programs and more, like a science show simply titled Whoa. It's all got a hazy, stoner mid-'00s Adult Swim kind of vibe to it. To watch all this stuff you'll need to subscribe ($5 a month / $50 a year) and Eternal.TV say 60% of that will go to the creators with the remaining 40% going to keeping the site running.

You can get a taste via an Eternal.TV trailer, below.

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