by Andrew Sacher

Kevin McCallister

It's Christmas time, and if you're anything like me that means you're gonna watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 at least once this month (maybe you already have). But this year you get a new version you've never seen before. Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister as an adult in the debut episode of web series DRYVRS. The video's co-star and the series creator is Jack Dishel of The Moldy Peaches (and Regina Spektor's husband), and you may remember that Moldy Peaches member Toby Goodshank is sometimes a member of Macaulay's band Pizza Underground.

The series "stars Jack as an on-demand car service passenger and chronicles the strange drivers he encounters." Kevin McCallister's his driver, and after Jack tells him it was "ice cold" that he ignored a call from his mom, Kevin gets set off. The whole thing is way more hilarious than it needed to be. Check it out below.


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