NYHC vets Madball, whose current lineup has longtime members Freddy Cricien and Hoya Roc with newer drummer Mike Justian (they recently parted ways with guitarist Brian "Mitts" Daniels), have officially announced their followup to 2014's Hardcore Lives. It's called For The Cause, and it's due out June 15 via Nuclear Blast. It was produced by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong, and Tim also guests on the album, along with Ice-T and Psycho Realm's Sick Jacken. Freddy says:

We are beyond excited to finally drop ‘For The Cause‘!! To say we’re happy with the end result is an understatement! This record accurately defines the current state of our band… our sound, our state of mind, our ambitions, our flaws, and our attitude!

Tim and us go way back, he's an old friend and super talented guy... across the board! A legend in his own right. He invited us to come record with him and it all fell into place very organically. He's respected our band from day one and was excited to be a part of this. We're honored to have him on board.

It’s truly an honor to have Ice-T on our record! I grew up on his music from his early hip hop stuff till now. He’s an iconic figure but also a ‘class act’, you don’t always get both at once. Ice has a great respect for NYHC and Madball, means the world. This was meant to happen…. real recognizes real.

Ice-T added, "It’s an honor to record with the legendary Madball. Body Count draws its closest similarities to NY Hardcore. This is a natural." Stay tuned for music from the record.

Having just played United Blood and wrapped up a tour with Cruel Hand last night (4/11), Madball will play their hometown at Black N' Blue Bowl 2018, which goes down May 19 & 20 at Brooklyn Bazaar. They play day one with Crown of Thornz, Slaine, and more. Day two has Agnostic Front, Judge, Incendiary, and more. Here's what Madball say about playing the fest:

We thought the show with D9 would be our last NYC show this year, Apparently not! This one is though - We will not be playing again in the NYC area until 2019. We are very excited, as always to play BK again and support an event we’ve been a part of on many levels for over 10 years! The original headliner had some issues folks so we stepped up.. simple as that. Come join us BNB weekend, we have a great mix of bands and even some REAL Hip hop! A first at the bowl. FYI - we will be shooting some video footage for our forthcoming album "For The Cause" during the May 19th set. HC lives.. BNB lives...

Tickets for day one and day two of BNB are still available.

Watch a video of Madball at United Blood: