Maggie Roche, aka one third of The Roches (with her sisters Suzzy and Terre), has passed away at age 65. She had been battling cancer. The band posted a statement to Facebook reading:

Friends, my dear, beautiful sister Maggie passed away today after a long struggle with cancer. She was a private person, too sensitive and shy for this world, but brimming with life, love, and talent. I want to let you know how grateful she was to everyone who listened and understood her through her music and her songs. After decades of singing, writing, traveling and performing together, we spent the last month and a half helping each other through her final journey, now I have to let her go. I’m heartbroken. I adored her. She was smart, wickedly funny, and authentic ~ not a false bone in her body ~ a brilliant songwriter, with a distinct unique perspective, all heart and soul. It’ll be hard for me to carry on without her.

Maggie was active with The Roches from the 1970s through 2007, and she also played as a duo with both Terre and Suzzy at various times. Rest in peace Maggie.