Maggot Heart is the project of Linnéa Olsson (who also played in Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual, and The Oath), and they're releasing their sophomore album, Mercy Machine, on July 10 via Linnéa's new label Rapid Eye Records (pre-order). Linnéa made this one with longtime collaborator Uno Bruniusson on drums, Olivia Airey on bass, and other contributions from Gottfrid Åhman, and it was produced by Les Big Byrd keyboardist Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona (who's also worked with Tribulation, Refused, Viagra Boys, and more) and features album artwork by Obliteration drummer Kristian Valbo.

We're premiering the title track, which -- similar to The Oath (or Ghost or Blue Oyster Cult) -- has the spirit of darkness of metal, but really it's a catchy, swaggering rock song. Between the driving backbone and Linnéa's sneering delivery, there's a little gothy post-punk in the mix too (not too far removed from early Siouxsie and the Banshees or something like that). It's cool stuff and you can check it out below.

01. Second Class
02. Sex Breath
03. Justine
04. Roses
05. Gutter Feeling
06. Mercy Machine
07. High Rise
08. Lost Boys
09. Senseless
10. Modern Cruelty

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