photos and words by Greg Cristman

Magma @ LPR 4/1/2016

Long-running French prog act Magma's tour hit NYC on Friday, April 1 at Le Poisson Rouge. The band said they had gotten many notes from fans to perform some old stuff so the entire set was old classics, opening with "Theusz Hamtaahk." Originally written in 1971, the song didn't actually appear on a record the live Retrospektiw I-II in 1981 and the studio version wasn’t recorded and released until 2001 on the LP of the same name. They haven’t performed this live in over ten years until this tour. It was a crushing opening salvo from one of the greatest live prog bands ever and was followed by two additional stone cold classics, the title cuts from their third LP from 1973, Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh and from the debut LP of 1971, Kobaïa. Those three tracks made up their entirety of their set. Unfortunately, James MacGaw, their brilliant lead guitarist, has been battling cancer since early 2015 and went in for tumor reduction surgery recently and couldn't be on this tour, but vocalist Stella Vander said that they would see us soon.

Helen Money opened on solo cello using feedback, electronics, and drum loops that beefed up her sound considerably. Pics from her set, and more from Magma, below.


Helen Money