Majesties is a new project with three very familiar faces in the metal world--Obsequiae leader Tanner Anderson and Inexorum members Carl Skildum & Matthew Kirkwold--and they've just announced that their debut album Vast Reaches Unclaimed will come out on March 3 via 20 Buck Spin (pre-order). Obsequiae and Inexorum are both Minneapolis black metal bands, but this project finds them channelling the sounds of '90s-era Swedish melodic death metal bands like At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, etc. Your first taste is "The World Unseen," and it's very promising.

"‘The World Unseen’ provides a broad representation of the surreal lyrical themes of the record, and specifically depicts an out-of-the-body experience," Carl says. "It tells the tale of a mind untethered to a physical form, flowing through the world free of physical constraints. There are some deep roots to this particular song, with the verse riff having been rescued from one of my riff tapes from 1997." Check it out below.


1. In Yearning, Alive
2. The World Unseen
3. Our Gracious Captors
4. Verdant Paths To Radiance
5. Across The Neverwhen
6. Seekers Of The Ineffable
7. Sidereal Spire
8. Temporal Anchor
9. City Of Nine Gates
10. Journey’s End

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