Back in 2020, Australian electronic musician Mall Grab (aka Jordon Alexander) remixed three songs from Turnstile's 2018 album Time & Space for the Share A View EP, which took frontman Brendan Yates' hardcore punk shouts and used them to create electronic dance music. Now Mall Grab has announced his debut album, For What I Breathe, and new single "Understand" features Brendan. It basically sounds like Brendan and Jordon creating an entirely original track in the style of the Share A View EP, with Brendan screaming over an eclectic electronic backdrop. He does sing a bit too, giving the song a melodic hook, and you can hear it for yourself below.

The album also features recent singles "Metaphysical" and "Spirit Wave," as well as collaborations with grime MCs D Double E and Novelist and UK producer Nia Archives. It comes out August 5 via Looking For Trouble (pre-order). Tracklist below.

1. Hand In Hand Through Wonderland
2. I Can Remember It So Vividly
3. Love Reigns
4. Understand Ft. Brendan Yates (Turnstile)
5. Patience Ft. Nia Archives
6. Without The Sun Ft. Jordon Alexander
7. Spirit Wave
8. Breathing
9. Intercity Relations
10. Times Change Ft. Novelist, D Double E
11. Distant Conversation
12. Metaphysical
13. Lost in Harajuku Ft. Jordon Alexander

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