Man Overboard have redesigned their iconic "defend pop punk" tee shirt to read "defund the police," and 100% of profits from the shirt will be donated to Black Lives Matter. You can order yours here. Additionally, 100% of proceeds from all merchandise purchased from their webstore for the month of June will benefit The Bail Project. The band also posted a list of other organizations they support and recommend donating to (see below).

As for the "defund the police" tee-shirt, it originally also came with a message on the back that was met with criticism, so the band removed the initial design and is now selling the front-print design only. They write:

We received a lot of feedback and comments about the back of the shirt so we decided to remove it. It will be a front print only. Please read the full statement below. Thanks again for your support for #blacklivesmatter.

The intent of our “Defund The Police” shirt seems to have been misinterpreted so we are taking this opportunity to clarify. We don’t want to live in a society where anyone has to worry about being judged, harassed or killed because of racial bias. We don’t want to live in a society where black lives aren’t not valued like white lives. We want to live in a society where police, government officials and everyone else treats people with respect. We want to live in a society where government funding is invested into communities that need growth and assistance, not into the police force that will oppress or worse, kill them. Defund the police and fund communities. Do we want police to solve real crime? Yes. Does the current policing system need to be defunded, disassembled and rebuilt on a foundation of respect, equality and moral principal? yes. DEFUND THE POLICE.

You can order the "defund the police" shirt and any other Man Overboard merch here.

In related news, Man Overboard's Nik Bruzzese recently released his excellent debut solo EP as Casa Loma, This Is Coping, on Pure Noise. There's a limited edition vinyl/slipmat bundle and 50% of the proceeds from that bundle will go to The Bail Project.


For ways to help out in the fight against police brutality and racism, here are some resources.

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