The 2019 edition of Insane Clown Posse's Faygo-soaked weekend of music and debauchery, the Gathering of the Juggalos, went down a month ago in Springfield IN's Shimmer Forest, but it appears not everyone made it through the festival unscathed. As Billboard reports, Andrew Batton, an Ohio man who says he attended the festival to film a documentary, is suing Gathering producers Ninjas in Action and the Lawrence County Recreational Park for negligence. He claims he sustained "serious and permanent bodily injuries" after being hit by Alexander "Less Legs" Perkins, a notorious legless Juggalo.

According to Batton, golf carts, mororized vehicles, and four-wheelers weren't allowed at the festival, but after seeing them in use he got himself a motorized bike. While riding it between the "Bizzaro World" tent and the "Drainer Rd. Pavillon" at 1 AM on the festival's final day, he says Less Legs, who he describes as riding "erratically" in a golf cart and working the pedals with a baseball bat, crashed into him. "After the collision it was apparent [Less Legs] was intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol," Batton's lawsuit reads.

Less Legs told TMZ that he had permission to use his cart because of his disability, and that he was sober. He fell out of his cart and sustained injuries of his own in the crash, which was caused by Batton driving the wrong way down a one-way road, Less Legs says.