Manchester Orchestra just premiered A Black Mile To The Surface: The Global Concert Film, prefaced by a BrooklynVegan-hosted fan Q&A. (Thanks to everyone who tuned in!) The film saw the band performing their most recent album -- 2017's A Black Mile to the Surface -- live in its entirety, in the same location that they recorded the album: Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC. They sounded great, had a vivid light show, and really managed to get across the same power that they bring to their live shows. In a year without live music, this film helped scratch the itch.

They also spliced in some studio footage from when they recorded the album, and every so often they'd flash cryptic text and visuals on the screen, and they kept teasing the phrase "The Million Masks of God." When the film ended, they put that phase on screen again, along with the date February 18, and then they launched another, even more cryptic video titled "THEMILLIONMASKSOFGOD.COM," and if you go to that URL, there's a countdown clock that ends on February 18. What could it all mean? Tune back in on the 18th to find out...

Meanwhile, the band will also show the concert film on Facebook on Saturday (2/13) at 3 PM ET, this time with a pre-show meet & greet with Black Mile producer Catherine Marks, so stay tuned for that too.

Watch the Black Mile concert film, the new teaser video, and the BV-hosted Q&A below.

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