The great triple bill of Manchester Orchestra, Tigers Jaw and Foxing brought their tour to NYC's Terminal 5 on Friday night (9/29). Manchester are supporting their best album in a while, A Black Mile to the Surface, and they played a good chunk of that album, plus two songs off their classic I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child and other favorites like "I Can Feel A Hot One" and "Shake It Out."

Tigers Jaw also stuck to a good amount of their great new album, spin, and found time for old favorites too. Foxing have been teasing a new album for a while now but official word on that is still TBA and the Terminal 5 show stuck to crowdpleasers.

Videos of all three bands and Manchester Orchestra's setlist can be found below. Pictures are in the gallery above.

Manchester Orchestra at Terminal 5 - 9/29/17 Setlist (via)
The Maze
The Gold
The Moth
Shake It Out
Pale Black Eye
I've Got Friends
I Can Barely Breathe
The Alien
The Sunshine
The Grocery
Simple Math
Colly Strings
The River

I Can Feel a Hot One
100 Dollars


photos by Mimi Hong